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Maintenance and Optimization by aamyear

Plugins which I use to optimize images and the database. Basically yhese are the plugins that are not needed all the time, and I install them when I have to do some maintenance and then delete them.


WordPress.org plugins

EWWW Image Optimizer
by Exactly WWW
updated 8 days ago 24.9 million downloads 900,000 active installs Rating: 94 / 100 (1170 ratings)
Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images
updated 17 days ago 32.4 million downloads 1 million active installs Rating: 96 / 100 (5685 ratings)
P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
by GoDaddy.com
updated 332 days ago 1.6 million downloads 60,000 active installs Rating: 70 / 100 (398 ratings)

Custom plugins

There are no custom plugins in this collection.